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Edible Insects are an Important Food Source for People and the Planet

Wholesale Edible Insects

EntoVida products are made with edible insects. They are for everyday consumption. Edible Bugs are a new food trend and many people are looking for more than just that novelty scorpion sucker. EntoVida is the source for serious Entomophagy products.

¡EntoVida! is a fun name for a serious food source.

Wholesale Edible Insects
EntoVida is an Entosense, Inc. brand

EntoVida Wholesale Edible Insects.

For up to date products and pricing, please fill out and submit the wholesale application.

Please Note: EntoVida will have wholesale edible insects available that are not listed on the website. Many times certain products are only available for a limited time. This is due to harvest schedules and seasonality.

EntoVida is the United States wholesale distributor for Entomo Farms Cricket Powder (Cricket Flour).

Schools, Clubs and Organizations are welcome. You can apply for wholesale pricing even if you are only placing a one-time order.

All of our bugs are farm raised. This uses less water, land and general resources than our traditional protein source – meat. We use no antibiotics or hormones in raising these animals. They are treated humanely. Edible bugs are healthy for you and for our planet.

¡EntoVida!The latest and one of the oldest food trends!

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