Private Label Edible Insect Products

We offer Bulk Edible Insects, Production, Packaging and Design Services for your Private Label Entomophagy Products.

We have our own facilities and we work with many other edible insect product producers, growers and retailers. If you would like to produce your own products, whether a small run for a special event, or as a retail product offered to consumers, we can help.


Your Label on Our Products

For a minimum order of $5,000, we can put your label on our products.

You can supply a label or we can design it for you.


Develop Your Own Products

For a minimum order of $25,000, we can discuss developing and packaging your own product.

We can supply bulk insects, insect powder or the finished product depending upon your needs. For finished products, we also offer design and packaging services.

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To buy these products in smaller quantities, please visit: EntoMarket

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