Exotic Insects

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  • Edible Scorpion

    Edible Forest Scorpion


    Two Dried Forest Scorpions

    Heterometrus longimanus

    Minimum: 12 Pieces


  • Edible Grasshoppers

    Edible Grasshoppers – Bulk


    Dried Grasshoppers

    Package Size:

    • 454 grams (about 1 pound)

    Note: The above product is packaged in a bag and does not include the take out container.

  • Bamboo Worms

    Bamboo Worms


    Bamboo Worms packed in a take out box.

    Package Size: 60 grams

    Minimum: 12 Pieces

  • Basil Edible Grasshoppers




    Size: 15-20 Pieces

    Approximately 15 to 20 grasshoppers per pack.

  • Silkworm Dolls

    Silkworm Dolls


    Silkworm Dolls are actually dried silkworm chrysalis’ packed in a kraft take out box.

    Package Size:

    • 60 grams
    • 120 grams

    Minimum: 12 Pieces

  • Wholesale Edible Ants

    Edible Black Ants – Bulk


    Black ants have a strong taste for their size. Many people call it a limey or sour taste.

    Package Size:

    • 30 Grams (1 oz. bag)
    • 454 Grams (1 pound)

    Note: Bulk Black Ants do not come in retail package

  • Wholesale Mopane Worms

    Edible Mopane Worms


    Package Size:
    10 Grams
    2 Ounces (approx: 60 grams)
    1 Pound (approx: 454 grams)

    Minimum: 12 Pieces

  • Water Scorpions

    Giant Water Scorpion


    Three Giant Water Scorpions

    Minimum: 12 Pieces

    Belostomatidae, also called Toe Biters

    Water Scorpion tastes a bit like pumpkin seed although, as is true with all bugs, they have a flavor of their own.

    The easiest way to get people to eat a water scorpion is to use it as a flavor so they do not see the insect. However, it really freaks people out when you bite their heads off. Luckily, they really do taste great. If you like pumpkin seeds, you should definitely try giant water scorpions.

  • Chocolate Chapulines

    Chapuline Crunch Bar – Dark Chocolate


    Chapuline Crunch Bar – Dark Chocolate

    24 sections – Each package includes 3 chocolate bars with 8 sections each.

    The three bars together weigh over 3.5 oz

  • Edible Tarantula

    Edible Zebra Tarantula


    Two Edible Zebra Tarantulas

    Package Size: Two Zebra Tarantula – Haplopelma Albostriatum

  • Mango Flavored Edible Silkworm Pupae




    Size: 20 gram bag

  • Gourmet Black Ants

    Edible Black Ants – Retail Packaging


    Black ants have a strong taste for their size. Many people call it a limey or sour taste.

    Package Size:
    3 Grams (single vial)
    16 Grams (about 1/2 oz. glass jar)
    24 Grams (8 vials)

    Minimum: 12 Pieces


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