edible scorpions

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  • Water Scorpions

    Giant Water Scorpion


    Three Giant Water Scorpions

    Minimum: 12 Pieces

    Belostomatidae, also called Toe Biters

    Water Scorpion tastes a bit like pumpkin seed although, as is true with all bugs, they have a flavor of their own.

    The easiest way to get people to eat a water scorpion is to use it as a flavor so they do not see the insect. However, it really freaks people out when you bite their heads off. Luckily, they really do taste great. If you like pumpkin seeds, you should definitely try giant water scorpions.

  • Edible Scorpion

    Edible Forest Scorpion


    Two Dried Forest Scorpions

    Heterometrus longimanus

    Minimum: 12 Pieces


  • Edible Scorpions

    Gourmet Edible Manchurian Scorpions


    Edible Manchurian Scorpions

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