Edible Forest Scorpion


Two Dried Forest Scorpions

Heterometrus longimanus

Minimum: 12 Pieces


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Two Dried Forest Scorpions

Heterometrus longimanus

Land shrimp with a stinger? Maybe not, but these scorpions are sure to be a hit.

Edible Scorpions make great toppings for everything from salads to the main dish. They are crunchy and tasty.

What about their poisonous tail? Well, first of all, they are dried and that makes the poison harmless. But, even if they were not dried and fresh, cooking also makes it inert.

Each scorpion is from 2.5″ to 4″ in length. Some have straight tails and some have curved tails.

Please Note: These are food grade scorpions and we take care to preserve them but, in shipping, legs and tails may break. They are strong and easy to place on food so the scorpion looks whole. In most cases, they arrive in tact, but please be aware that breakage may occur.

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